Why did you start a blog?
We decided to start a blog primarily as a way to share our natural and vegan lifestyle. We hope that we can inspire and teach others that living this way can be as fun and interesting as you make it! We also loved the idea of running a blog as creative outlet we could both work on together. Between the two of us, we have always been interesting in creating things, and have set up blogs in the past, however as we are both very busy we never really had the time to make them thrive. We decided to put our minds together and play on each others strengths in order to make this blog a success!

Why did you transition to a natural lifestyle?
We found that going vegan has opened our eyes to how unhealthy and unsustainable our society is today. Since then we have noticed the mass of toxic ingredients that go into our food and the products that we use; a large majority of these being chemicals that are harmful for our bodies and the planet. After learning this, we made the decision that we wanted to know exactly what goes into the makeup and skincare products that we put onto our bodies, as well as the food and ingredients we consume on a daily basis. We now try to live a more simple and natural lifestyle where we focus on eating a whole plant food diet, and try to use natural and organic beauty products. To this day we are still researching and experimenting with different vegan recipes, natural brands and green living, and we hope to share this journey with you.

How long ago and why did you go vegan?
Jo: I first discovered the benefits of a vegan diet after watching a few videos on youtube by ‘Freelee the Banana Girl’ and I decided to do some more research on the health benefits of veganism. Although I was interested by it, I didn’t make the decision to go fully vegan until a few months later in October 2015 when I found the youtube video ‘101 reasons to go vegan’. This helped me realise the immoral and unethical issues of eating meat and dairy and I went vegan the very next day! I have now been vegan for over a year and I’ve never looked back!

Izzy: Being the food enthusiast between the two of us, when Jo went vegan I started experimenting with a variety of healthy vegan recipes for us both to try. I was new to the whole concept of veganism, and was I initially reluctant as I had very little knowledge about it. I was in denial, and like so many others I tried to justify the cruelty behind the meat and dairy industry. However, as I spent more time looking into these recipes I learnt how healthy, beneficial and delicious vegan food can be. I became more interested and open to the core beliefs of veganism, and I found that over time I noticed how my eating habits didn’t align with my moral stance and love for animals. It was around January 2016 that I found the youtube video ‘Gary Yourofsky’s Best Speech Ever’ and then I finally made the connection and became vegan. I have such a passion for animals and I love how now that I am vegan I no longer have a guilty conscience over the food that I eat.

Do you have any advice for those who are looking into veganism, or who are ready to make the transition?
We recommend that you make the change at your own pace. While we basically went vegan overnight, that often isn’t practical or suitable for everyone. The important thing is being vegan eventually, so if it takes you a month while it takes others a week, that’s totally fine. We also suggest you educate yourself on all of the different ethical, environmental and health benefits to being vegan or plant-based, as this will help you to remember why you decided to go vegan in the first place. Also remember that if you slip up, then that’s okay! Nobody is out to judge or criticise you for doing your best, and eventually you will probably notice that eating animal products no longer bodes well on your body or your conscience. Last but not least, veganism isn’t restrictive, and there are as many ways to be vegan as there are to be non-vegan. Whether your junk food vegan and eat all of the ‘faux meats’ etc; or your completely raw vegan; or your high-carb vegan – whatever works for you and your body is key.

What resources do you recommend for more information on veganism?
Documentaries: CowspiracyEarthlingsSpeceisism The MovieBlackfishForks over KnivesFarm to FridgeFood Inc.
YouTube Documentaries: 101 reasons to go veganGary Yourofsky’s Best speech EverSeaspiracyWhy You Should Stop Eating Fish
YouTube Channels: Mr and Mrs VeganHot for FoodBonny Rebecca… and many more! Just type in ‘vegan’ into the search bar and you will find a whole host of channels
Other: PETADr Greger – Uprooting the leading causes of deathWhy Vegetarians should go Vegan