My Top 6 Wellbeing Apps

Looking to get a little more positivity in your life? Look no further! In today’s post I’m sharing my top wellbeing apps to help give you a boost of positivity and enthusiasm wherever you are!

 1. Headspace
Headspace is a guided meditation app that’s perfect for beginners. It features short animations that help explain all about meditation and it teaches you simple techniques to help you clear your mind and focus on your breathing.Before using this app I, like many others, thought that meditation was all about trying to not think whatsoever. I always thought this was basically impossible, especially as I have a very overactive mind! Headspace taught me that meditation isn’t about not thinking of anything, it’s about observing your thoughts from an outside perspective and letting them pass freely. The idea is to acknowledge the thoughts and let them go! You then try and bring your focus back to your body, your breathing and your surroundings instead.Headspace is £9.99 a month but they also have a free version with a 10 day starter series so you can get a feel for the app before you commit to the monthly subscription.

2. Calm
Calm is a similar to Headspace, it’s also a guided meditation app that’s perfect for beginners. This app has meditations with a woman’s voice, and has a free 7 sessions of learning the basics of meditation. It also has other features, for example ‘sleep stories’ which are calming stories which are narrated to you with relaxing background music, which help you to fall into a deep and natural sleep. They also have a section on the app labelled ‘breathe’ which is simply a animated circle, which expands and contracts to show you when to breathe in, and when to breathe out. This is a great feature to use to slow your breathing down and to calm you down if you are feeling anxious or stressed out. The paid subscription is £9.99 a month, or you can pay the equivalent of £3.74 a month if you buy an entire years subscription in one go. This allows you unlimited access to the rest of the guided meditations that the app offers, which are locked in the free app.

3. Thinkup
Thinkup is an app that’s designed to help improve your self-confidence and shift you into a more positive mindset. You can browse through a wide selection of affirmations and find a few that resonate with you most. You can then record these affirmations and play them back with music. Hearing the affirmations in your own voice makes it stronger, more effective and helps program good beliefs into your mind. This is a great way to boost motivation, health, self-esteem, prosperity and happiness!The app also allows you to set notifications to remind yourself to listen everyday to ensure you get the maximum benefits as fast as possible.

4. The Five Minute Journal
The Five Minute Journal is a nice app that’s based around being more thankful and appreciative of the little things in everyday life. The app prompts you to write down three things you grateful for every day, this helps you stay grounded with a more positive outlook on life. You can also set one intention for the day to help you get into the habit of being more focused on things you want to achieve. This app only takes five minutes to fill out but can really help to start and end your day on a positive note.

There’s also a Five Minute Journal book. It’s a beautiful minimalist design that will look gorgeous on any nightstand, so if you’re the kind of person that likes to have a physical journal to write in, they’ve got you covered!

5. Grid Diary
Writing in a diary is a great way to help destress and let go of your worries. By dumping your thoughts out your brain each evening, it can clear your mind and help you evaluate the positives and negatives of your day.

The Grid Diary is a great way to keep a diary for those that struggle with commitment. The app is beautifully designed with eight main boxes. In each box there is a prompt to help you start writing about your day. You can customise these prompts to help you reflect on the most important parts of your day that you wish to document.

This app is a great way to reflect on your day. You can add photos and document your daily life thoughts as memories to look back on at a later date. There’s also a passcode lock so you can journal freely and don’t have to worry about anyone nosing through your phone!

6. Daily Quotes
Daily Quotes is a great app that gives you a new inspirational quote every morning. You can set a notification so your quote is the first thing you see when you wake up in the mornings. This helps you wake up with a positive attitude and motivates you to reach your goals!

I’ve created an infographic that summarises everything in this post, so you can Pin it to your Pinterest boards and refer back to it later!

I’ve create an infographic that summarises everything in this post. Feel free to pin it to your Pinterest boards to refer back to later!


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